The One Thing You Can Do to Improve Yourself this Summer

Everyone has that one thing they would like to do to improve themselves. We all want to accomplish just that one thing to improve ourselves. We want to fix our bodies. Fix our hair. We want to enhance that one quality about ourselves, like learning a new language, learning how to make a soufflé, learning how to sew, learning to fix your car, learning how to play basketball. Whatever it is. Whatever that one skill is or physical trait is that you want to improve upon, and I’m not talking surgical. I’m talking about that one little things that get on your nerves. You know, that one thing that annoys you and has been annoying you for years. Today, we are going to do something about it.

So you ask, “how are we going to do this Kisha? How are we going to change this one thing one thing about ourselves that’s really been annoying us?” We are first going to choose it. I’m sure that most of us has a long list of things we are insecure about and would like to improve about ourselves. Things that no one else sees, but we know they are there. They cause various levels of frustration every day. Make a choice, not a laundry list of things, not 20, not 30, choose just one. Choose one thing that you want to improve, then you are going to research it. You are going to Google it. You are going to buy a book. You’re going to speak with experts. If it is medical, you are going to go to your doctor. If you need to you are going to see a specialist. You are going to go get that second opinion you have been putting off for six years. Yes you. I’m talking to you. I’m in your stuff. I’m in your business.

You are going to choose that one thing. You are going to learn what the experts have to say about it. You are going to speak with someone who has walked the walk that you are walking now. Someone who is improving themselves. Not someone who is sitting down watching TV. Not someone who is happy with their status quo, and that’s great for them. That is probably perfect for them. They’ve reached the mark where they want to reach and they’re just coasting. But that is not you. You want to improve something. You want to get better.

You want to have someone around you who you can bounce ideas off of. Someone who you can talk to about this journey, because some days are going to be good, and some days not so good. Therefore, I want a commitment from you. A really simple one. This is so easy that if you don’t do it your subconscious is going to kick in and start encouraging you to take action. Ready! All you are going to do is take 10 minutes a day to learn what you need to do to improve yourself in that one area ONLY. Then, once you’ve learned a good amount of information, once you’ve talked to an expert, once you’ve found someone to bounce ideas off of, you are going to implement them, all of that knowledge and those ideas to improve the one area you’ve chosen to work on.

You are going to implement all of the things you have learned about, and you are going to tweak those steps to make them work for you. You are not going to make it work for anyone else right now. You are going to focus on you. You are not trying to make these things work for the lady at the gym, who runs 10 miles a day; not for the person who is the best chef in the world, who just happens to be in your family (to torment you); just for you. It’s going to be tailor made and suited just for you, and you’re going to tailor make it.

You are going to tweak the steps when they need to be tweaked. If a step needs to be changed, then you are going to do the research and change it. Always do your research. Never be afraid or too overwhelmed to find out a little more. Hear what other people, who have mastered this skill, have to say about the steps they took to improve their lives in this area. You are just going to take 10 minutes to love yourself. That is what you are committing to. Ten minutes to find out what you need to find out and 10 minutes to do what you need to do. Within those 10 minutes, you are either going to be finding out (learning) what you need to know or you are going to be implementing the steps you created from the things you learned. In those 10 minutes, you are either going to be learning or doing (implementing the steps you’ve created), or both, learning and doing.

Ten minutes for you. This is our love walk time. We are doing the love walk when we are learning, and we are doing the love walk when we are doing the steps we’ve created to improve our lives. We are going to commit to ourselves. We are going to choose that one thing, commit to do it, learn about it, and then walk out your love walk. Create the steps. Do them. Ten minutes a day, no more.

Ready! Take a deep breath. Let it out. Let’s walk this thing out together.

Leave me a comment below guys. Tell me what that one thing is for you that you have chosen to improve this Summer. You only get one choice. Just one thing ONLY. No matter how long it takes, if it takes a month, three months, if it takes you six months, if it takes you a year, you are going to enjoy the journey. Promise me. You are going to enjoy learning how to care for yourself. You are going to enjoy learning how to love yourself and walk this thing out step by step every day. That’s the goal. Every day we will take a step.

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